Meet Benny Singh


I founded Gemini Gems in 2002 after discovering my love for gemstones. I have developed my passion into what it is today by marketing high quality, high value gemstones and other jewelry design components.  I believe in working closely with my suppliers and listening to you, my customers. My primary mission is your satisfaction and success!  Years of experience have laid the foundation for the key factors which differentiates Gemini Gems from other vendors:


· Gemstones of highest quality at the best price yielding greatest value

· Superior craftsmanship in faceting

· Precision drilling

· Calibrated gemstone pairs

· Custom orders

By continuous attention to these goals, I ensure that my clientele have the broadest selection of gemstones at wholesale prices. I work hard to stay abreast of the trends and new products, whether it be a stone, a different cut or new finding.  Please contact me to discuss your designing needs or if you would like to place an order. or call 9255775164